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EUROPA-CENTER Logistikimmobilien Projekte GmbH & Co. KG is headed by a dual management team. Barbara M. Riewe and Jörg Overbeck, two long-standing associates of the family that owns the company, previously already worked successfully for the EUROPA-CENTER Real Estate Group for many years, including jointly laying the foundations for the current size and strength of EUROPA-CENTER AG.

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Barbara M. Riewe

helped shape the fortunes of the company for more than 13 years from 1993 on, sharing in building up the company and the EUROPA-CENTER brand as an authorised signatory of many years’ standing. The proven real-estate expert is now returning to the company following periods with Dr. Helmut Greve Bau- und Boden-AG as authorised signatory with responsibility for nationwide asset management and as managing director of an ABG Real Estate Group subsidiary.

As Managing Partner of the EUROPA-CENTER Logistikimmobilien Projekte GmbH & Co. KG she is responsible for acquisitions, marketing and sales.

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  • Asset Management

    c. 1,000,000 m² rental area nationwide, office and commercial properties, shopping centres, shopping parades, multi-storey car parks, etc. plus c. 2,000 rental apartments.

  • Marketing

    c. 500,000 m² rental area let nationwide, office, commercial and retail areas, etc.

  • Project development

    c. 250,000 m² GFA nationwide, jointly developed and completed newbuild projects, office and commercial properties plus property developer activities and c. 200 rental apartments

  • Investment

    Office and commercial properties with a purchase price of c. €30 – 100 million

Jörg Overbeck

formerly worked for over 18 years for EUROPA-CENTER AG, more than ten of them on the board with responsibility for technology and construction. The architecture graduate not only had a hand in the fortunes of the company over many years, he has also left a large footprint. Under his leadership, more than 40,000 m² of logistics space in several buildings was constructed at the EUROPA-CENTER Logistics Park Bremerhaven alone. Manufacturing facilities for the aviation industry and a research building in Berlin were also built.

As Managing Partner of the EUROPA-CENTER Logistikimmobilien Projekte GmbH & Co. KG he will continue to be responsible for the technology and construction area.

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  • Office buildings

    c. 300,000 m² new construction, developed, completed and responsible for technical portfolio maintenance

  • Hotels

    c. 15,000 m² new construction, project development, design and construction

  • Logistics

    c. 43,000 m² new construction, developed, completed and in part sold

  • Investment

    Individual properties in the stated asset category with a purchase price of c. €15 – 80 million

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EUROPA-CENTER Real Estate Group
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  • almost 50 years’ experience
  • c. 400,000 m² commercial space built
  • c. 175,000 m² in asset management
  • c. 70,000 m² under construction
  • c. 187,000 m² in planning
  • at seven locations (Germany, Spain)
  • Constant (inter-)national growth planned
  • c. €500 million market value (status 01/2021)

Real Estate Group

Shared strength is the goal. Years of experience are the basis.

EUROPA-CENTER Logistikimmobilien is responsible within the real estate group for project development and the continued growth of the national and international logistics real estate business.

In contrast, the focus of EUROPA-CENTER AG, as the portfolio holder and project developer, is on the group’s office and commercial buildings, hotels and business accommodation, as well as the further expansion of these market segments. It is a clear division of tasks and specialisation that brings significant advantages.

With almost 50 years of experience as an established asset manager that knows its properties inside out through all phases of project development, construction and management, EUROPA-CENTER AG is a sought-after address throughout Germany. A team of specialists and real estate professionals not only delivers highly attractive addresses, but also stands for know-how, reliability and long-term tenant loyalty.

The real estate group is complemented by EUROPA-CENTER Holding Immobiliario Iberia S.L.U., based in Sant Cugat, Barcelona, Spain. The unit there carries out (as of 2021) the construction of office properties and hotels in the country’s strongest economic location, in the direct catchment area of Barcelona.

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Uwe Heinrich Suhr Stiftung

As a company belonging to the real estate group of the same name, EUROPA-CENTER Logistikimmobilien is chiefly financed by the family of Ingeborg and Uwe Heinrich Suhr that owns it. The family transferred parts of its activities and investments to a charitable non-profit foundation model in 1999.

The EUROPA-CENTER Uwe Heinrich Suhr Foundation was established as a company-affiliated foundation. It is based on the fundamental idea of continuing the founder’s life’s work, the EUROPA-CENTER Real Estate Group, in the long term and to pursue the charitable purposes provided for in its statutes with the income generated. Currently, the Suhr family still owns a substantial part of the shares in EUROPA-CENTER AG (Holding). However, these will be successively transferred to the two charitable foundations, EUROPA-CENTER Uwe Heinrich Suhr Foundation and Ingeborg Suhr Foundation.

In the future, the two non-profit foundations will secure and continue the affairs of the EUROPA-CENTER Real Estate Group and the companies belonging to it via their holding company.

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Building means taking on great responsibility – in terms of urban design, landscaping, ecology, society and the economy. These challenges have to be rebalanced daily. That is why fair and reliable cooperation is the fundamental basis of our business activities. This applies to our internal cooperation in diversified teams as well as to our external service providers: in construction as well as in technology, agencies, consultancies and estate agencies, banks and law firms as well as towards our investors and buyers.

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